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About Us

About Global Farmers

Global Farmers, a family owned agro-based business that spans over centuries, is engaged in cultivating, producing and supplying 100% Organic Food items like Potatoes, Onion, Garlic and select range of indigenously grown spices to both National and International Customers.

Our farms are located around 100 kilometres south of Islamabad, Federal Capital of Pakistan. This area falls in Potohar Plateau, which is known for its natural irrigation system, well balanced eco-system, fertile land and moderate temperature. This region produces fine quality organic food items that are full of minerals, captivating taste, high quality and naturally balanced ingredients.

Being growers and producers of quality organic good, Global Formers are true source of authentic Pakistani food items.


Our Team

Mr. Afzaal Malik

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Afzaal Malik is Senior Corporate Executive. He has special education and training in agro-farming and has been managing Global Farmers since inception.

Mr. Areeb Zaman

Chief Operating Officer

An Environmentalist by profession, Mr. Areeb Zaman is entrusted with over all operational management of the business operations of Global Farmers.

Mr. Ahmed Raza

Dir (Farms, Prod & Log)

Mr. Ahmed Raza has graduated in Farming. He is responsible for manaing all aspects of farming, crop handling and logistical matters.