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Cultivation & Harvesting Process

Cultivation & Harvesting Process

Right from soil preparation, cultivation, harvesting, grading, packaging, stacking and shipment to our valued customers (both National and International), whole of the process is carefully handled by our experienced team of agro professionals.

Use of organic seeds, natural fertilisers, pure rain water and careful harvesting is the hall mark of all of our crops production cycle.

We take pride in our dedicated team for producing natural organic food items.

How We Achieve Organic Farming

Our Organic Farming promises quality to meet expectations and satisfaction of our valued customers.

  1. Farming is done on rotational basis i.e. soil used for Season 1 is not put to use in Season 2, but kept idle to get ready for freshening up for crop for Season 3.
  2. Crop mulch is not removed from the soil. This helps crop remains and left-over leaves, bark and compost to remain over land to enrich and insulate the soil.
  3. Soil is left open for the following Seasons to treat from deficiencies in material ingredients and strength.

Water is used from two sources:

  • Below Ground natural water fetched through specially dug Tube wells.
  • Rain water used from water resources kennelled in a sustainable manner i.e. using percolation tanks for conserving rain water.

Compost is utilised from the soil that is left after the harvesting from previous Season.

After harvesting, all domesticated animals such as cows, goats, buffaloes, Donkeys, Horses etc. are set free to the fields. These animals help produce enough urine, dung etc. essentially required by the soil for regaining its strength and fertility.